3 heirloom guitars leaning on a table

The Heirloom is that lovingly played vintage guitar you have always wanted. You can see its character, feel its maturity and hear that it is something special.

With a great vintage guitar you can see and feel its history. We all dream of that great attic find, but they are rare and expensive. In developing the Heirloom collection, we scrutinized every little detail that makes a vintage instrument something special. With those qualities in mind, we create for you an instrument with those distinctive elements of character and maturity.

collage of heirloom guitars being built
collage of heirloom close up pictures
electronics for heirloom
USA customized

Every Heirloom starts with the same great neck and body as our other popular 1950s series models. The body is finished in classic nitrocellulose lacquer and is then hand-aged in the USA, making each one unique. Craftsmen spend countless hours hand-aging the body, neck, and even the hardware. This customization goes beyond appearance aspects and assures that each Heirloom has that comfortable and lovingly-played feel.

close up pictures of heirloom
hand wound pickups

We have teamed with Lindy Fralin Pickups and Seymour DuncanĀ® for the pickups that we use on the Heirloom models. The exact model varies instrument-to-instrument; we individually select pickups that are voiced to match the maturity of each Heirloom. Listen to Lindy Fralin pickup audio files below:

hands winding pickup
fralin stock t neck pickup only
Hear it now:
fralin stock t both pickups
Hear it now:
fralin stock t bridge pickup only
Hear it now:
fralin blues special neck pickup only
Hear it now:
fralin blues special both pickups
Hear it now:
fralin blues special brdige pickup only
Hear it now:
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