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Patriot Electric Guitars

For over a decade, the Patriot has been one of the most award-winning archtop single cutaways on the market. Just pick up one to see why it has earned all of the critical acclaim. Each model has a deeply arched top and the most in-demand features.

Patriot Baritone

  • ConstructionLong Set
  • TopFigued Maple veneer
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupDuncan Designed HB-102
  • Bridge PickupDuncan Designed HB-102

Patriot Custom

  • ConstructionSet Neck
  • TopFlame Maple and Maple Cap
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupRockfield® SWC
  • Bridge PickupRockfield SWC

Patriot Decree

  • ConstructionSet Neck
  • TopFlame Maple, Figured Maple on Black Vapor
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupMK PAF-Plus
  • Bridge PickupMK PAF-Plus

Patriot Evolution Custom Collection

  • ConstructionLong-Set
  • TopQuilt Maple
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupFishman Fluence Classic
  • Bridge PickupFishman Fluence Classic

Patriot Instinct Bold- Custom Collection

  • ConstructionLong-Set
  • TopQuilt Maple
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupRockfield SWC, Zebra Colored
  • Bridge PickupRockfield SWC, Zebra Colored

Patriot Instinct White- Custom Collection

  • ConstructionLong-set
  • TopQuilt Maple on Winter White, Striped Ebony on Exotic White
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupRockfield® SWC Humbucker
  • Bridge PickupRockfield® SWC Humbucker

Patriot Magnum Tremolo

  • ConstructionLong Set (long neck tenon)
  • BodyMahogany
  • Neck PickupDuncan Designed HB-103
  • Bridge PickupDuncan Designed HB-103

Patriot Supreme

  • ConstructionLong-Set
  • TopQuilt Mahogany
  • BodyPremium Mahogany
  • Neck PickupSeymour Duncan Pearly Gates, with Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring
  • Bridge PickupSeymour Duncan Custom-Custom, with Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring