Remix Music

479-717- 2221

3855 Elm Springs Rd Springdale, AR 72762 See a map

Ron (owner), Chris and Andrew with Michael Kelly guitars in front of ReMix Music store
Owners Ron and Cheri Mead of ReMix Music
Ron, owner of ReMix Music, with an MK Patriot electric guitar
Chris holding an MK Patriot Instinct guitar and Andrew holding an MK Element bass
Chris holding an MK Patriot guitar and Andrew holding an MK Element bass
Andrew holding MK acoustic and electric basses

ReMix Music is a family owned and operated music store excited to share their passion for music with musicians from every genre. We have the gear and expertise to assist musicians in finding just the right “Mix” for their optimum sound. With our “out of the box” approach, beyond your typical music store, our goal is to be your resource for discovery and development of your individual artistic persona. Whether novice or seasoned musician, at ReMix we believe you will find the warm reception and personal attention you’ve been looking for.